High Limit Accident Insurance
Accidental Death insurance is an excellent solution for life risks where traditional life insurance is not available or feasible or when the risk of loss is mostly accident related.  Accidental Death policies can be designed with a great degree of flexibility with policy terms from one day to three years and can typically be bound within a matter of hours.
Accidental Death coverage can be placed for any of the following purposes:
Personal Protection
Corporate Key Person
Air Travel Only
High Risk Events
War Risk
Benefit amounts up to $50,000,000.
Case Study
A 51-year old executive with Juvenile Diabetes was declined for traditional life insurance.  $2,000,000 of family protection Accidental Death coverage was placed on an annually renewable basis.
Case Study
The President of a major corporation was to attend a policy meeting in a politically unstable location overseas. $5,000,000 of Accidental Death was placed with War and Terrorism coverage for a 10-day term to indemnify the corporation in the event of the loss of the executive.


The coverage described may not be available in all states. Policy terms, conditions and limitations will apply. Not all applicants will qualify for coverage. Neither the Sklover Benefits Group, Inc. nor the insurance carrier provide tax or legal advice regarding these programs. You should consult your own tax, legal and other advisors before purchasing these products.